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...All citations of Shevchuk's lyrics refer to Kirill Mazin's DDT homepage on the World Wide Web, 1996, 1997.

Shevchuk play of "urodina/rodina" (freak/homeland) is an allusion to the lyrics of Fedor Chistiakov, the leader of the now defunct group Nol', which was usually more remarkable for its use of traditional Russian instruments ( Chistiakov plays the Russian accordion, or baian) and melodies than for lyrics about Russia. Chistiakov album A Song about Unreciprocated Love for the Homeland ( Pesnia o bezotvetnoi liubvi k rodine, 1991) contains a song entitled "Lenin Street" ("Ulitsa Lenina"), with the original version of the rhyme parodied by Shevchuk in "Homeland": "As I hate, so I love my homeland. / And there is nothing to marvel at here, comrades. / She's really such a blind, mute freak; / Well, but still there's nothing else for me to love" (КaК HeHaBИжy, TaК И люблю CBOю рOДИHy./ И yДИBляTЬCя зДeCЬ, ПрaBO, TOBaрИщИ, HИчeMy./ TaКaя OHa yж Cлeпaя, глyXaя yрOДИaHа) Hy, a любИTЬ-TO MHe бOлЬшe И HeчeгO)...

Adele Marie Barker

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