Frankly personal. On REN TV that their confessions will share Fedor Chistyakov

Fedor Chistyakov the person is on the Russian scene is quite popular. In the 90-ies he was a member of the group Zero, which was considered for its time a landmark. And now, despite the fact that the career of the musical group stopped in 1998, he continues to perform popular song Zero. In 2016, the year will mark the 30th anniversary of the band, in honor of which also include the release of an anniversary album Zero +30. In the program REN TV Fedor Chistyakov reveals the suspense about the possibility of a reunion group.
Open secret: the bands classic lineup of Zero do not work as professional musicians, they make music. They have some other life. But on the occasion of the anniversary of the album in his notes to take part Alexei Nicholas Nikolaev and sing a few songs.

Nostalgia and challenges in career
In a fair and completely honest conversation will also be affected by the theme of nostalgia for the 80s. Because many of the popular artists of the 90s thats when they started their career. But then Fedor Chistyakov is not as straightforward as many others.
To be honest, I have only a longing for a healthy body, and everything else I have now is much better, he said.
Do not bypass the attention and the development of career of the musician. Fedor Chistyakov tells how personal circumstances prevented his creative future in Europe.
I had certain prospects of development there. But I suddenly fell ill mother I had to take care of it. I was not ready for this mentally. It was hard to imagine it. For me it ended in failure, I subsequently happened, said Chistyakov. And it was not the only question concerning the dark times in the life of Fyodor Chistyakov. The musician replied, out his men while in prison Crosses and during a break in her musical career: Such situations was not. We were absolutely not media personalities no one even really knew what we look like. It is now Facebook, Instagram, your face is everywhere. And then we really didnt know how Pink Floyd looked like.

Dislike the rock the secret of a good shape
In addition, Chistyakov will make a shocking confession. Im not a fan of rock music. And will share the secret of his good physical shape. I Bayan helps: on the fourth floor with accordion, then on the fifth, then Jogging, push-UPS, etc., he says.
And yet the host and guest program will find out who among them is steeper. And they do it on the iPhone 6. The phrase that he bought his wife a new model, the contractor received such remark Prilepin: Now my wife doesnt have the sixth iPhone. To which the guest replied: Well, I you cool.
In the SALT Fedor Chistyakov and To sing a song Lenin Street, Chicory, Dr. Haider, Brew, Ham, Communal apartment, Man and cat, Art and others. See a live performance and candid interviews Fedor Chistyakov in the SALT on Sunday, October 30, at 00:00 on REN TV.