Fedor Chistyakov

Fedor Chistyakov, the founder of the legendary Russian band Nol, brings his new Nol + 30 album to Seattle. Chistyakov and Nol made their debut at the Leningrad Rock Club in December 1986. The group provided a striking contrast to St Petersburgs other leading rock bands. Most of them were dominated by 30-year olds, while the two original founding members of Nol were only 16. The trend of the day was to write philosophical and metaphorical lyrics, but Nols songs were distinctly street-level. Chistyakov turned out to be the original folk poet, writing lyrics about what he saw around him at that time food shortages, over-populated communal apartments and shameless Soviet propaganda. His singular and somewhat out-of-tune singing and the fact that he played button accordion, an instrument totally ignored by local rock musicians at that time, made the band stand out. The fresh folk-punk spirit of the resulting mixture has invited belated comparison with the Pogues, who originated at roughly the same time.

The Nol+30 album is a remake of Chistyakovs hits from the 80s and 90s including the unforgettable Lenin Street and A Man and A Cat.

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