Fedor Chistyakov and Flying Balalaika Brothers

02 November
19:00 - 22:00

85 Avenue A, New York, New York 10009

JetLag presents: Fedor Chistyakov and Flying Balalaika Brothers
If there is a band in the US that compliments Fedor Chistyakov, the symbol of Russian rock-n-roll — it is The Flying Balalaika Brothers. And, likewise, if there is an ideal match for the Balalaika Brothers and their electric-folk-rock team, founded by Zhenya Rock of The Red Elvises — it is the legendary Fedor Chistyakov. Zhenya has already been playing, composing, and recording with Fedor for some time now — both of them are superb poet-singers and amazing rock instrumentalists.
Their collaborative repertoire features new renderings of both Fedor’s and Balalaika’s classic hits. The songs are at once old and new; vibrantly arranged with folk influences and deeply informed by American and Russian rock traditions. The lyrics are often bilingual and always filled with funky guitar riffs, button accordion solos, and balalaika grooves. If there is a perfect place for their debut mutual concert in NYC, then it is certainly DROM, a city cornerstone known as the welcoming home for all kind of world music extravaganzas.
Early bird tickets are $25 until September 1st, regular $30, at the door $35

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20 августа 2018